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Behind Covo Studio

Paintings, illustrations and design by Borja Covo

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Borja Covo photographed by Chris Floyd. Wallpaper Magazine

Covo Studio by Borja Covo

My name is Borja Covo and I am the person behind this website. I am an artist from Spain, living in Bilbao.


Since I was a child, I started drawing influenced by cartoon movies and comics, and soon developed a creative character.

After a few years learning at drawing and painting academies in Vitoria, and interested in art and design, I wanted to improve my skills and art knowledge at University. An opportunity to learn different techniques and develop my creativity and my career. I experienced with different materials and media and, interested in traveling and new experiences, I enjoyed scholarships to study in Milan (Universitá Politécnico di Milano, Italy) and Toronto (University of Toronto, Canada). I believe that studying and living abroad are things that have very positively influenced my work an my personal life. 

In the last few years I have tried to combine my creative interests with my professional career in international marketing in the digital area, something that I also enjoy. I have lived in Barcelona, Milan, New York and London; working in different industries like beauty, hospitality and most recently the health sector.

I try to give my creative work a vital style with fluid strokes and an intense color palette. I like it to communicate simplicity and casual flair. I do feel more confortable drawing and I take my time to create.


If you like my work, you can keep up to date with the news following Covo Studio on Instagram. ¡Don't miss the latest projects!

For those people interested in buying a painting, commission an illustration or talk about a collaboration, please use the contact form or social media channels.

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