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Paintings, illustrations and design by Borja Covo

Gift Shop

Find the perfect Covo Studio gift! if you like Covo Studio Illustrations, in this shop you can find different design gift ideas or just a whim. You can choose the design and the color and receive it at home in the next few days. All these products are created in collaboration with Redbubble and with all security guaranties in the purchase. Most of Covo Studio designs are available in colorful prints such T-shirts, dresses, gifts for babies, bags, mugs, mobile cases, purses and even duvets! 

If you have any question about a design or product or how to buy through Redbubble, please use the contact form and We will be happy to help.

   Products by category             


Original T-shirts with a creative touch. Also dresses, sweatshirts, tank tops... Find the design that best suit you. 

Search for your size, choose the color and the style that you like, from classic T-shirts, to V-neck t-shirts, slim fit, sweatshirts, long sleeve...

These are only a selection of designs and options, find the complete collection in Redbubble at the best prices.

Camiseta chica paris logo.png
Camiseta Bilbao Guggenheim.png
Vestido lancha a motor azul.png
Captura de pantalla 2017-03-12 a las 17.
Camiseta mujer amsterdam logo.png
Sudadera capucha hombre Hawai.png

Bags & Purses

The best gift ideas: Print tote bags available in 3 different sizes as well as cool purses in 3 sizes and at very good prizes. Now available also organic cotton bags.


Designed laptop covers and cute drawstring bags. Don't miss them!

Cartera neceser toscana.png
Bolso de tela Torii Japon.png
Cartera neceser elefante.png
Bolso de tela palmeras.png
Mochila saco perro y mariposa.png
cartera neceser bailarina.png
Funda de ordenador portatil amigos.png
Bolsos tela Tote Nueva York.png

A collection of great products to give a creative and cozy feel to your home. Classic pillows, floor cushions and original duvet covers for a creative bed and available in different sizes.

Just the best to sleep like a baby!


A mug for the office or a nice gift for a friend?Original illustrations that will catch the attention and will give your morning coffee a special flavour  : )

These mugs are available in 3 different sizes: Classic mugs, tall mugs and travel mugs.


Give a creative touch  to your Nescafe moment!

taza amigos.png
taza central park.png
taza amsterdam.png
Taza alta masterchef cocinero.png
taza Bilbao.png
Taza alta Guggenheim Nueva York.png

Mobile cases and laptop covers

People with iPhone or Samsung Galaxy mobile phones can enjoy the Covo Studio mobile cases. Rigid and soft mobile cases and covers.

There are also available for purchase covers or skin vynils for other electronic devices like iPad or laptops.


A colourful touch to keep connected!

Captura de pantalla 2019-10-26 a las 9.2
Carcasa movil lancha a motor.png
carcasa movil central park new york.png
carcasa movil guggenheim Bilbao.png
carcasa movil peces.png
Mujer carcasa Ipad.png
Vinilo para ordenador portatil moto vesp
Cuaderno notas 5 Avenida Nueva York.png

For those that are looking for something different than a T-shirt or Covo Studio tote, here you will find original products to make the perfect gift.

Creative wall clocks, notebooks, scarfs, art prints do revamp your home decor... What are you going to choose?

Other original gifts

Lamina dibujo leopardo.png
cuaderno espiral elefante.png
reloj de pared toscana.png


Stickers for gifts, stickers for the car, for the fridge, for the room, for the laptop...Stickers for everything!

Stickers available in different sizes and different finishes: Matte, glossy and transparent.  

Choose yours, Stickers are a trend!

Pegatina Masterchef.png
pegatina amsterdam.png
pegatina peces.png
pegatina vespa.png
pegatina bilbao.png
pegatina puma.png
pegatina paris.png
pegatina amigos.png
pegatina churros.png
pegatina toscana.png
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